Our partnerships with individuals and organizations have made a great impact on our cause. Here are some the generous people and how they have made a difference.

African Reflections Foundation
The partnership with African Reflections Foundation has been a hugely important one for The Sky is Not Limited.  Together, the foundations have partnered to install a dozen solar powered wells.  Lately, The Sky is Not Limited has acted as the primary sponsor of the well, while African Reflections Foundation has procured equipment and managed each well’s installation and logistics.

Some of the well sites that The Sky is Not Limited has provided wells to, in partnership with African Reflections Foundation, include:

      1. Kwa Chale Village
      2. Vianzi Primary School
      3. Tambani Secondary School
      4. Dudani Primary School
      5. Kiguza Primarty School
      6. Mbezi Dispensary
      7. Nyatanga Dispensary

The Flahive Family Foundation
The Flahive Family Foundation have donated for three consecutive years towards the sponsorship of a deep well. We have seen, each year, their funds go towards the successful installation of a solar powered well. During our previous visit, we practiced saying Thank You to their Foundation with some of the local people at their well site: Have a look here:I hope the partnership with Flahive Family Foundation continues for many years as we execute wonderful projects together. They found The Sky is Not Limited through an article that I had written and the folks at were nice enough to post on their homepage.

Here is a link to that article:

To Learn more about their organization go to

Special thanks to Michael!

Fresh Tracks Farm
This unique vineyard in Montpelier, Vermont found The Sky is Not Limited through a Phish blog written by Mike Menio.  One of the readers of that blog was Christina from Fresh Tracks Farm.  Having wanted to help people in rural Africa, Christina felt compelled to sponsor a well for the first time in 2014.  Since then, Fresh Tracks Farm has sponsored three wells, which were carried out by The Sky is Not Limited and African Reflections Foundation.

Your Donations make a big difference! Other major sponsors have included:

        • High Peaks Solar, LLC
        • REVERB
        • Raymond Essiembre
        • Jeff and Barbara Slater
        • Daryl Slater
        • Linda Barber
        • Many Volunteers over the years!

Any donation of any dollar amount helps!