October 2018 Tanzania Trip

“The Sky is Not Limited Founder, Kevin Bailey, went to Tanzania in October 2018 to visit existing well sites and scout new ones. Mr. Bailey witnessed the wonderful work being done by African Reflections Foundation through TanPro Greens to use our solar powered wells to kick start organic farming for local women. These 30 acre start up farms are a great way to provide an income and sustenance for local women and their families. The Sky is Not Limited has provided 3 wells on such farms.

While in Tanzania, Mr. Bailey visited Father Edward Schoellmann in Bukundi, Tanzania, where the water there is scarce. The Sky is Not Limited pledged three shallow wells which are currently in construction. The water from these wells will be pumped to an above ground storage tank. This will save people some time from not having to lower their bucket into the well to raise the water to the surface.

Mr. Bailey hopes to install deeper wells in Bukundi, however the ground water there is very high in salt. Lake Eyasi, a large saltwater lake, is nearby and effects the ground water quality. The water is also very high in PH. Our hope is to research how to address these water issues and take those solutions back to Bukundi in a future year.