Haiti trip is a success!

Kevin Bailey and Ken Oldrid traveled to the Fontaine area of central Haiti in late May 2017 to install a solar powered well pump. This well was done in collaboration with Friends of Fontaine located in Loudonville, N.Y. Friends of Fontaine provided contact and logistical information. With them, they brought 5 overweight bags, which included well pump, rope, pump controller, and more supplies.

The trip lasted 7 days, with 2 days of travel, 1 day of more materials buying, and 4 days of work. Before the end of the trip, water was being pumped up onto the roof of the school. The project was a success! We hope that the pump will be serviceable for a very long time and the community will be able to grow plenty of good food. We would like to offer a special thank you to Brother Bill Griffin, Pierre Louis, and all of those people that helped with the installation. Also, we would like to thank the people that worked on the rehab house in Wynantskill that allowed the funding of this project to be possible. Those people include Paul Johnson III, Tim Brushaber, Joe Kowalik, Donald Bailey, and John Bottari.