Funds Donated for 2 New Deep Solar Wells by the Sky Is Not Limited

THE SKY IS NOT LIMITED today gave funds for another three deep solar wells in CoSponsorship with AFRICAN REFLECTIONS FOUNDATION. The wells will benefit three more villages in Mkuranga. Kevin Baily who met Maryvonne Pool eight years ago in Albany New York became good friends through a partnership to built deep solar wells.
“Kevin is the person who introduced me to deep solar wells” says Maryvonne Pool ARF Founder. So far Kevin has built fourteen wells. This will total his seventeenth.
Hence a total of 104 wells by AFRICAN REFLECTIONS FOUNDATION. Jean Dobbs who is the USA CEO received the check on behalf of ARF at Key Bank in Albany New York, yesterday. with Jean Dobbs, Lo Bailey, Lisa-ann T. McShine, Samuel Mwanga Mullinga, Faiza Punja